Your Inner West Tutoring and Education Centre

Available on-site or online in our Five Dock offices.

At BrainFOOD Education we are a group of teachers and industry professionals and, more importantly, we’re parents of school age children. We believe every child has the ability to excel at school, the challenge is a one size fits all school system doesn’t necessarily suit every learning style. At our inner west Tutoring Centre, we offer a range of class structures, teaching methods and tutor and teacher personalities so that we can customise every learning experience to get the right mix for your child.  You definitely won’t find a large group class or students in front of computers.

We are firm believers in the power of small group tutoring (1-2 students) or one-on-one tutoring sessions that are highly tailored to individual needs, and while we do have computers available we always recommend pencil and paper when working in class.

Choose Us?

What makes us different?

  • Provide Expert Tutors with teaching and industry experience
  • Your Child works 1 on 1 or in a small group with the same tutor each week
  • Classes are customised to your child – No robot teaching groups
  • Help build self-confidence and a positive attitude
  • Teach organisation & preparation skills for life beyond HSC
  • Focus on enjoying learning, not just memorising answers

Subjects Taught by Teachers & Tutors

Inner West On-Site & Online Tutoring
Classes to suit your child and budget

Does this sound familiar?

Sometimes it’s as simple as connecting the right tutor or teacher with a student and everything starts to make sense. Other times we understand the need for professional intervention. Every student is unique and we like to think we can come up with a unique solution to suit your needs.

Participate in one of our group tutorials for encouragement, academic guidance and positive peer interactions.

We’ve seen many excellent students freeze in front of an exam. Our classes include learning techniques to manage anxiety and take back control of exams.

Enquire about our casual tutoring packages and use us as you need us in the lead up to exams and assessment due dates.

Our tutoring programs can help

We can help students build study plans, help organise exam notes, work through practice exams and many other activities to help get organised and prepared to excel at school. Our tutors are uniquely positioned to provide this advice as they use these methods to achieve excellence with their own results.

Ensuring our students are comfortable with the basics of each subject is a first priority. Students are encouraged to regularly revise and use these basic skills through exercises in class and at home.

The best thing we can do for our students is build their confidence that they can achieve the results they want. Initially we set short term goals for an exam or assessment and work with students to improve results, demonstrating that good results are attainable with the right motivation. As the tutor-student relationship develops, confidence and motivation will continue to build.

Overall, our goal at Brainfood Education is to encourage our students to love learning. Finishing high school is merely a stepping stone in a lifetime journey of education. If we can help our students love the process as well as the results by using our tips, tricks and organisation, we consider our job well done.

Class Pricing
Primary, High School & Senior High School Tutoring

Our tutoring (Small Group) classes will only ever have a maximum of 3 students, although we tend to keep these classes limited to 2 students where possible.

  • Pricing for small group tutoring classes is $65 +GST per 60-minute Session.

Our Private Tutoring classes are a private 1 on 1 class with your child and their tutor, you can opt for a subject specialist or a qualified teacher (if available).

  • Classes are priced at $90 +GST per 60-minute tutor led session.
  • Classes are priced at $90 +GST per 60-minute teacher led session.

Please note **In our experience, some students work better with tutors than they do teachers and vice versa, if we identify any problems with your child’s tutoring, we may swap teachers for tutors etc. to achieve better results for your child.

Our Online tutoring classes are a private 1 on 1 class with your child and their tutor conducted online.

  • Classes are priced at $65 +GST per tutor led 60-minute online session.
  • Classes are priced at $74 +GST per teacher led 60-minute online session.

At BrainFOOD we employ several Literacy & Dyslexia specialists, with several more of our staff currently studying for accreditation in this field. In younger students a 30-minute session may be all they are able to hold focus for, so for this reason we offer both 30- & 60-minute sessions.

  • Classes for a Specialist led 30-minute session are priced at $64 +GST per 30-minute session.
  • Classes for a Specialist led 60-minute session are priced at $120 +GST per 60-minute session.

If your child requires specialist help, please contact us, as we do understand there are waiting lists throughout Sydney (we also have an extensive one) but we will always attempt to squeeze you in for you and your child’s peace of mind.

Alternatively, some of our students just need some casual help around exam time and for assignments and homework.  Casual tutoring is available upon request, please contact us to discuss your childs needs.

Special Offer

Meet Our Tutors

  • Expert Tutors who not only know their subjects but love teaching them.
  • English Tutors studying English Literature, Science Tutors studying to be doctors, Maths Tutors studying advanced mathematics, Legal Studies Tutors studying to be lawyers… The list goes on.
  • All have achieved 90+ ATAR’s and have gone on to study or work in their chosen fields.
  • Incredible personalities and great knowledge in their chosen subjects.
  • No Robot tutors teaching content by rote, our students walk away with real knowledge, not memorised answers.
  • All tutors are committed to helping your child love learning not just survive school.

Success in life, Not just School

The lessons we learn at school have long term effects. Organisation, critical thinking, creative flair, time management and the discipline to finish what we start, are key to success in tertiary study and a future career.  By teaching these concepts at an early age, along with memory techniques and tools to manage stress and anxiety, we are setting our children up to achieve the best they can. School is not the end of learning, and if we get the foundations right for our students we can bring back the love of learning, and inspire our next generation of leaders.

Our Inner West Tutoring and Education Centre

Subject Guides, Curriculum outlines, practice exams, workbooks, individual student whiteboards (A3 Size), pens, pencils, calculators etc. We have everything here to ensure your child simply needs to turn up to tutoring (we do encourage bringing assignments and exams if and when the need arises). Also it is important to note, we do not charge resource fees. The above are all part of the service we provide.

Our Classrooms were built to comfortably accommodate small to medium sized class groups in mind (2-4 students). When we do receive requests from study groups to use our premises we use our large open apce which will comfortably seat 20+ students with laptops etc. This area is also used as communal space for students just wanting to do homework while waiting for classes to start, or waiting to be picked up. We also invite parents to use this space (coffee and tea available) while waiting for their childrens class to end. Parent’s may also be roped in to reading a book to their other children while waiting, we see this happening a lot (we have a large collection of childrens books available for this exact event).

Give us a call (02) 8789 2123 and let us know. We will always stay back to ensure your child isn’t waiting on the street for you to arrive. Your child is always welcome to wait upstairs in our communal areas and management will always be present to ensure a safe pickup.

Not a problem. Our offices are always staffed at least one hour prior to classes commencing for the day, your child is more than welcome to come upstairs and wait in our large open space and do homework, have a snack, relax or browse the internet etc. Buses sometimes run early (rarely!) but your child is always welcome. We won’t ask them to wait outside or in the stairwell. Please come in and make yourself at home.

Our custom-built inner west tutoring centre in Five Dock is centrally located to provide tutoring and education services for students across the Inner West of Sydney. Located above Alfred Imaging on Great North Road, we have a safe pickup and drop off point and side street access (Rodd Road) for our students and ease of parking.

Not sure what you need? Call us on (02) 8789 2123 or email us your questions

Interested in a free trial lesson? Register here and we’ll book you in.

Our offices are always staffed by both tutors and an older management team. Each staff member and tutor has a current working with children check. We provide a safe work and study environment for everyone involved with BrainFOOD Education.

While generally not used in class, each classroom has a computer, ranging from touchscreen windows 10 Pcs to large Apple Imac’s and the odd Linux desktop PC for the advanced computer studies users. All computers and tablets have access to google docs and can be used by students to retrieve homework assignments and exams and print out what is required for lessons and assignments.

A lot of our classes run at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 time slots, these are optimal hungry times for students.  So yes we are perfectly fine with snacks and meals being brought in as long as they are eaten in the kitchen or open area and the leftovers (if any) are put in one of the 14 rubbish bins (yes, 14 really!) on premises. Hungry kids don’t learn, we would rather your child have a snack instead of spending a whole tutoring lesson thinking about food. Mum & Dad, for you we also have coffee and tea so please feel free to help yourselves.

It may sound trivial but yes we have multiple bathrooms. Security is a big concern of ours (we’re parents too) so when designing our premises we made sure the entrance to the bathrooms are in sight of our staffed areas. Managers are trained to keep an eye on all student and staff traffic so we know where our staff and students are at all times. If you have a younger child a manager will always walk your child down to street level for pick up unless advised otherwise.