About Us

Who are we, and why the interest in education?

We are Parents, Educators and Professionals, with careers spanning 3 continents and decades of combined education, parenting and business experience. We’ve reached a point in our careers where we want to be involved in preparing the next generation by providing relevant and up to date education programs. We are able to do this by using incredible Tutors, Teachers and Industry Professionals to teach and guide our students to ensure your child achieves their best academic results. In Education one size does not fit all, we address this by providing options.

Our programs include, but are not limited to

Traditional Tutoring

School results can be drastically improved through tutoring. Either via individual or group services for maths, english, science, business, humanities and music.

Short Courses

Not all school years are created equally. Short courses allow us to focus on transition years (primary to high school, high school to HSC and HSC to university). Courses such as Essay writing workshops and subject refreshers are extremely beneficial to students of all ages.

Industry Seminar Program

Our Seminar program will allow students to meet industry professionals, helping prepare for tertiary study and career selection. In most cases these will be free programs open to all students and parents.

Healthy Living Seminars

In stressful periods such as the lead up to HSC exams etc. we will schedule Psychologists and health practitioners to come speak to students and parents to assist in managing stress. These events will be invaluable to assist in time and stress management throughout you or your Child’s education journey.

Post HSC Bridging Courses

Gaps in knowledge or omissions in study. We will endeavour to help students complete their bridging courses seamlessly by supplying highly experienced tutors to work with them to complete their bridging courses with as little fuss as possible.

University Entrance Exams

Be it LAT, MCAT or UCAT we have tutors available to assist and prepare you for your chosen vocation. Being prepared for these exams is tough, we will try to make it a little easier for you.

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