Primary School Maths Tutor (Year 3 – 6)
High School Maths Tutor (Year 7 – 10)
HSC Hospitality Tutor (Year 11 – 12)

Current Study / Career
Education / Hospitality

Previous School
Concord High

Coffee, Woodwork, Technical Design

Additional Information

  • Has worked in a Children’s Play Centre for 3 years (wow!)
  • The above is more than enough.. the noise alone.

Interesting Facts

Our newest tutor, Excited about education and received excellent results when sitting his HSC. We brought Ben on as a hospitality tutor in Term 2 after one of our other tutors recommended him and one of our students needed hospitality tutoring (like attracts like). He has shown an aptitude and shined in many different subject areas, it is an absolute pleasure to have him as one of our tutors, and his students agree.

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