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Please note: Upon submitting this enrolment form the following terms are applicable.

  1. Enrolment is a one-term (10-week) commitment (not applicable for Free trial lesson). For students who join mid-term fees will be charged pro-rata on our hourly rate.
  2. Only one (1) free trial lesson permitted per student, existing students can opt to trial an additional subject for a reduced rate (subject to availability).
  3. Two (2) weeks’ notice applies for any cancellation once the school term has commenced.
  4. Brainfood Education reserves the right to cancel a student enrolment if there is such cause as bullying, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour. Any cancellation will be discussed with parents before action is taken.
  5. If you cannot attend a class, minimum 2 hours notice must be given to qualify for a make up lesson, otherwise the lesson is forfeit.
  6. Makeup lessons are capped at 1 per term and are subject to availability (Mon-Sat). Must be made up during the current term and is only offered if fees are up to date. If a make up lesson cannot be organised we will provide access to our homework club in lieu of the lesson.
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