Frequently Asked Questions

There are always questions, hopefully we can provide you with the answers you need. If not you can always contact us directly and ask any questions you may have. Who knows, your question may end up on the list below.

The large majority of our tutors are not qualified teachers, instead we opt for young adults completing tertiary studies in a range of specialty areas including secondary teaching, medicine and psychology. In our experience students respond significantly better to a tertiary student with a flexible and fun approach to learning.  We do however ensure that our tutors complete regular training courses with our advisory board which includes a range of qualified teachers, focusing on compliance with board of education standards.

We do offer homework, generally as a revision exercise unless otherwise requested.  Students already receive a large volume of homework from school and we don’t feel that piling on the homework will achieve greater results. Instead a solid program of revision and practice exam papers is a far better strategy to improve results.

Our group lessons are generally split so that half the lesson is a group activity on a specific skill or topic or exam preparation, and the other half is used for assistance with assessments, homework and specific requests. This allows us to individualise the lessons as much as possible.  We also maintain a full catalogue of resources and course content so that tutors have a ready supply of work for their students.

Private lessons are tailored by the student to meet their specific needs.  Tutors will spend some time in the first lesson discussing with the student their strengths and weaknesses, and where focus is needed.  Diagnostic tests are available to help with this process if necessary.  Tutors will then customise a learning program for the term to meet a specific goal.

Group classes are capped at 4 students.

If you are joining us to work specifically with a tutor or have been recommended a specific name, then absolutely you can request a lesson with that tutor.  It’s extremely important to us that the tutor/student relationship is the best it can be to maximise learning and we are happy to facilitate those requests. Please note that we can’t guarantee availability of a tutor on a specific day or time, but we will do our best! Alternatively we are happy to recommend a tutor if your preferred tutor is unavailable.

We encourage you to supply us with as much information as possible for the tutor to maximise their time with your child.  Again we request you don’t approach the tutor directly, but feel free to email our admin staff with any school feedback or specific requests and we will coordinate with the tutor for any additional resources and ensure they are briefed.

As a general rule we prefer not to take K-2 students for tutoring. This is a very young age to start formal tutoring and we encourage parents to make learning a fun exercise at home rather than another class after school.  However, there are instances where formal intervention in the early years is required, and for those students we recommend some home based arrangements.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific concerns, and if necessary we can recommend some tutors who travel to homes specifically for younger students.

Yes we do.

Many of our tutors are quite happy to travel to your home to tutor your child. We are able to provide this service in the Inner West, Western Suburbs, Hills District, Sutherland Shire and St George areas. If you are in the Inner west we encourage you to attend classes at our Five Dock Centre although home tutoring can be arranged by request. Outside of the Inner west we will happily provide private home tutoring.

Absolutely! We generally provide a short update at the end of each term. We request that parents don’t ask to talk to tutors at the end of a class, simply because our tutors teach multiple classes in a row and this tends to be disruptive.  Please feel free to email or call us with any concerns, or requests for the tutor and we’ll attend to them straight away.

For our primary classes we request that no devices or laptops are brought to class as they are distracting.  We understand that many schools in the area set math homework using online platforms and if your child needs to access their homework for assistance we can facilitate that on premises.  We also may offer some fun activities on computers and again we will facilitate these on our devices.

High school students are encouraged to bring their laptops to class if they need help with homework and assignments.  Students are also encouraged to advise their tutor via email of upcoming exams and assignments as soon as they receive notification, so that we can facilitate exam preparation.

Yes we do.

Our classrooms do have computers installed. We run a mixed network to ensure that if a student does require computer assistance we do have a computer available in their chosen operating system.

Our network consists of

  • Apple Imac’s
  • Windows 10 Touchscreen PC’s
  • Linux x86 machines

Our tutors are all proficient in the use of computers, so if a student does require assistance we are able to help.

Potentially yes, tutoring may help motivate a student to engage at school.  If you are concerned your child lacks motivation we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss specific concerns.  We offer a free trial lesson so that one of our tutors can give feedback on whether the lack of motivation is a learning issue.

In our experience 1 hour per subject is too much for younger students after a full day of school, they either get bored or are easily distracted. By splitting the class into 2 subjects we keep lessons short and engaging while ensuring we are covering basic skills and challenging students as necessary.

No, as parents ourselves we understand the need for flexible payment options. Please see the next FAQ for a full list of payment options.

Pay upfront during enrolment using our online credit card facilities;

Click the option on enrolment for an invoice and we will supply bank transfer details

  • Please contact us if you would like to pay in instalments, otherwise all invoices are due by week 5 of term

We also accept cash payments, and you are welcome to pay weekly.

What You Can Expect From Our Tutoring Programs

At Brainfood Education we are committed to a flexible learning approach. Through our own personal experiences and feedback from many students, we recognise that not every student learns the same way which can often lead to issues keeping up in regular school classes. We encourage all of our tutors to roll 4 key principles into every class to help our students maximise their learning experience and theirs results.

Cement the basics

Ensuring our students are comfortable with the basics of each subject is a first priority. Students are encouraged to regularly revise and use these basic skills through exercises in class and at home.

Organise & Prepare

We can help students build study plans, help organise exam notes, work through practice exams and many other activities to help get organised and prepared to excel at school. Our tutors are uniquely positioned to provide this advice as they use these methods to achieve excellence with their own results.

Build Confidence

The best thing we can do for our students is build their confidence that they can achieve the results they want. Initial we set short term goals for an exam or assessment and work with students to improve results, demonstrating that good results are attainable with the right motivation. As the tutor student relationship develops, confidence and motivation will continue to build.

Have Fun

Overall, our goal at Brainfood Education is to encourage our students to love learning. Finishing high school is merely a stepping stone in a lifetime journey of education. If we can help our students love the process as well as the results by using our tips, tricks and organisation, we consider our job well done.

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