Is your brain getting its 5 essential ingredients every day?

Keeping a Healthy Mind

We all know the rule, 5 servings of fruit and veg a day to fuel a healthy body. But what if we apply the same logic to fuelling a healthy brain?

Try these tips to serve up 5 a day to keep your brain in optimum shape.


Try new things and meet new people. Be curious about the world around you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Every single one of these activities is stimulating your brain to stretch and grow. Set yourself a goal each morning to do one new thing…even if it’s just introducing yourself to the barista at your local cafe.  Such a small positive interaction can set you up for a great day!


Just like training your body, a regular training program for your brain is important. Memorisation games are one of the best tools you can use to flex your brainpower. Something as simple as memorising your shopping list can have a huge impact. Or if you’re time poor, find an app on memorisation and use your commute time wisely.


Using your imagination is like free play time for your brain, and one of the best ways we can use our imagination is by reading.   Whether its a paperback, an eBook, a magazine or even a graphic novel, get reading and set your imagination free.

Think Positive

When we constantly think negative thoughts we create a spiral of stress, anxiety and self-doubt.  This anxiety will not only kill off neurons in your brain, but stop the creation of new neurons. Make a conscious effort to turn negative thoughts to positive ones.  Add 2 minutes to your morning routine to focus on positive thoughts eg. “I am prepared and I will pass the test”.

Sleep on it

Finally, make sure to give your brain the sleep it deserves. This will not only detox the brain but allow time for the brain to regenerate, leaving you fresh and positive for a new day of feeding your brain.

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