High School General Maths Tutor (Year 7 – 10)
High School Advanced Maths Tutor (Year 7 – 10)
HSC General Maths Tutor (Years 11 & 12)
HSC Advanced Maths Tutor (Years 11 & 12)
HSC Extension 1 Maths Tutor (Years 11 & 12)
HSC Extension 2 Maths Tutor (Years 11 & 12)

Current Study / Career
Completed Bachelor of Science (Advanced Maths)

Previous School
Fort Street High School


Soccer, Music & Gym

Why he Tutors? (in his own words)
I enjoy helping initially unwilling students learn to appreciate Maths and logic…

Interesting Facts
Advanced Maths at University, 4 Unit Maths at School; he definitely enjoys his maths and he also enjoys teaching it. Mak took 18 students through to their HSC exams last year and from all accounts there were some very happy and successful students. He deservedly took a holiday, but he’s back!

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