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Primary School Maths Tutors

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At Brainfood education we ensure that all our tutors are familiar with the objectives and outcomes for each course they teach, adhering to the standards set by the NSW Board of Education and infusing our lessons with activities designed to review and challenge these core standards. Many times, students come to us after simply missing a few days of school and consequently missing a whole topic or skill set.  With such a robust curriculum set for our schools there is often no time to go back and review those missing skills and that’s where tutoring can really make a difference for your child.


Our approach to homework is simple. Students already receive plenty of homework from school, therefore unless specifically requested we set revision activities only for home.  Teaching our students quality techniques for organising and revising key english and mathematics skills will significantly assist with retaining key information and transitioning to high school.


For our primary students, with regular tutoring and revision activities we don’t expect a significant need for exam preparation.  Our tutors have a range of exam resources to access and can work with students on a regular basis to desensitise the exam process and identify areas of weakness.  For NAPLAN years, preparation and testing is included in regular tutoring classes.

For assignment preparation, if a student needs assistance they are encouraged to ask for help or bring in drafts for review, however given the nature of assignments in the primary school curriculum this is not overly necessary.

Our Primary School Maths Tutors’ Approach

  • Deliver structured and tailored tutorials focussed on individual learning, either via small group or private lessons
  • Refine study skills and memorisation techniques
  • Ensure foundations are set by bridging the gaps in schoolwork
  • Focus on resilience, responsibility and being proactive to achieve academic results
  • Opt to work with a tutor of choice and develop a mentor relationship
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Do any of the below statements relate to your child?

We may have a solution for you.

Too intimidated to ask questions at school?

Work in one of our group tutorials for encouragement , academic guidance and positive peer interactions.

Can’t commit to a weekly booking?

Enquire about our casual tutoring packages and use us as you need us in the lead up to exams and assessment due dates.

Suffering Exam Anxiety?

We’ve seen many excellent students freeze in front of an exam. Our classes include learning techniques to manage anxiety and take back control of exams.

Low Motivation at School?

Sometimes it’s as simple as connecting the right tutor with a student and everything starts to make sense. Other times we understand the need for professional intervention. Every student is unique and we like to think we can come up with a unique solution to suit your needs.

What you can expect from our Primary School Maths Tutors

At Brainfood Education we are committed to a flexible learning approach. Through our own personal experiences and feedback from many students, we recognise that not every student learns the same way which can often lead to issues keeping up in regular school classes. We encourage all of our tutors to roll 4 key principles into every class to help our students maximise their learning experience and theirs results.

Cement the basics

Ensuring our students are comfortable with the basics of each subject is a first priority. Students are encouraged to regularly revise and use these basic skills through exercises in class and at home.

Organise & Prepare

We can help students build study plans, help organise exam notes, work through practice exams and many other activities to help get organised and prepared to excel at school. Our tutors are uniquely positioned to provide this advice as they use these methods to achieve excellence with their own results.

Build Confidence

The best thing we can do for our students is build their confidence that they can achieve the results they want. Initial we set short term goals for an exam or assessment and work with students to improve results, demonstrating that good results are attainable with the right motivation. As the tutor student relationship develops, confidence and motivation will continue to build.

Have Fun

Overall, our goal at Brainfood Education is to encourage our students to love learning. Finishing high school is merely a stepping stone in a lifetime journey of education. If we can help our students love the process as well as the results by using our tips, tricks and organisation, we consider our job well done.

Our Inner West Tutoring Centre

Our custom built office in Five Dock is centrally located to provide tutoring and education services for students across the Inner West. Located above Alfred Imaging on Great North Road, we have side street access (Rodd Road) for the safety of our students and ease of parking.

Our Online Tutoring Service

Not in the Inner West of Sydney or cannot make it to our classrooms? No problem, we also have a large number of Online tutors happy to help your child online.

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