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Online Tutoring for Years K – 12

Inner West Online Tutoring
  • Class Duration

    Classes run for 60 Minutes

  • Class Availability

    Classes may be scheduled on Monday – Sunday as per your requirements

  • Class Types

    Private 1 on 1

  • Online Resources

    Over 30,000 pages of class resources scanned and online

  • Shared Collaboration Drives

    Shared google drives to simplify homework and tracking

  • Powered By ZOOM

    Private Rooms & Classes

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Our Online Tutoring lessons

Tutoring in the comfort of your own home.

Our Online Tutoring lessons cover a broad range of basic and challenge skills (dependent on the needs of each student) and run for 1 hour.

Each lesson is tailored to individual requirements, so the tutor will spend a few minutes at the beginning of each lesson talking to students about their current school work and level of understanding. All resources are provided, however students are encouraged to provide school work (digital copies) to Online tutoring lessons for any specific assistance.

Revision of concepts is essential to improving results, and tutors will regularly set revision work that must be completed and returned for the next lesson. All Online tutoring follows the standards and guidelines set by the NSW Educations Standards Authority for the Years K-10 and Years 11-12 curriculum.

Online Tutoring
Requirements and Features

  • Windows or Mac Computer (Desktop or Laptop) or Androind / iOS tablet device
  • Webcam & Microphone
  • Access to either Apple App Store or Google Play Store (Free download)
  • Internet connection (ADSL and above recommended)
  • A quiet room or location to conduct the class.
  • We use Zoom for all our online tutoring classes (private account with multiple classrooms attached)
  • All sessions are recorded and accessible and only accessible by the student and tutor via their shared google drive)
    • Video & Audio File can also be downloaded or compiled onto USB
  • Our Online tutoring platform provides
    • Real Time Audio & Video
    • Shared Whiteboard’s
    • Shared Google drive folders for Students & Tutors
    • Private Video conference room with no interruptions
    • Desktop Sharing (both student and tutor can edit files and documents simultaneously.)
    • In excess of 30,000 pages of scanned, digitised and indexed resources online for use by both tutors and students.
  • Enjoy tutoring from the comfort of your own home.
  • Flexible scheduling

Our Online Tutoring Subjects

Quality online tutoring on your desktop or laptop

Choose Us?

What makes us different?

  • Provide Expert Tutors with teaching and industry experience
  • Your Child works 1 on 1 or in a small group with the same tutor each week
  • Classes are customised to your child – No robot teaching groups
  • Help build self-confidence and a positive attitude
  • Teach organisation & preparation skills for life beyond school and the HSC
  • Focus on enjoying learning, not just memorising answers

Online Tutoring to suit your child and budget

Flexible, convenient and affordable

Does this sound familiar?

Sometimes it’s as simple as connecting the right tutor or teacher with a student and everything starts to make sense. Other times we understand the need for professional intervention. Every student is unique and we like to think we can come up with a unique solution to suit your needs.

Participate in one of our group tutorials for encouragement, academic guidance and positive peer interactions.

We’ve seen many excellent students freeze in front of an exam. Our classes include learning techniques to manage anxiety and take back control of exams.

Enquire about our casual tutoring packages and use us as you need us in the lead up to exams and assessment due dates.

Our Online tutoring programs can help

We can help students build study plans, help organise exam notes, work through practice exams and many other activities to help get organised and prepared to excel at school. Our tutors are uniquely positioned to provide this advice as they use these methods to achieve excellence with their own results.

Ensuring our students are comfortable with the basics of each subject is a first priority. Students are encouraged to regularly revise and use these basic skills through exercises in class and at home.

The best thing we can do for our students is build their confidence that they can achieve the results they want. Initially we set short term goals for an exam or assessment and work with students to improve results, demonstrating that good results are attainable with the right motivation. As the tutor-student relationship develops, confidence and motivation will continue to build.

Overall, our goal at Brainfood Education is to encourage our students to love learning. Finishing high school is merely a stepping stone in a lifetime journey of education. If we can help our students love the process as well as the results by using our tips, tricks and organisation, we consider our job well done.

Class Pricing
Online Tutoring

Our Online tutoring (Private Online) is a private 1 on 1 class with your child and their tutor conducted online.

  • Classes are priced at $65 +GST per tutor led 60-minute online session.
  • Classes are priced at $74 +GST per teacher led 60-minute online session.

At BrainFOOD we employ several Literacy & Dyslexia specialists, with several more of our staff currently studying for accreditation in this field. In younger students a 30-minute session may be all they are able to hold focus for, so for this reason we offer both 30- & 60-minute sessions.

  • Classes for a Specialist led 30-minute session are priced at $64 +GST per 30-minute session.
  • Classes for a Specialist led 60-minute session are priced at $120 +GST per 60-minute session.

If your child requires specialist help, please contact us, as we do understand there are waiting lists throughout Sydney (we also have an extensive one) but we will always attempt to squeeze you in for you and your child’s peace of mind.

Special Offer

COVID-19 Update for our Inner West Tutoring Centre | Phew, we made it through.

As a community we are collectively learning how to deal and adapt to the COVID-19 virus. At BrainFOOD Education we have now made Online Tutoring available for all current and new students. Our tutoring centre in Five Dock remains open (for now) and is thoroughly cleaned daily, Classrooms are sanitised after each sitting. Our staff adheres to ALL recommended guidelines set out by the Australian Goverment and NSW Health.

If you would like to read more about how BrainFOOD Education is dealing with the COVID-19 virus please read our most recent post here.

If you would like to know more about online tutoring at BrainFOOD Education, please click the button on the right of this box.

If you are a parent who simply wants some advice on what you should be doing while your child is at home, get in touch. We are always happy to chat, and will happily provide resources where possible.

We wish the entire community the best of health and safety throughout this trying time.

The BrainFOOD Education Team

Meet Our Tutors

  • Expert Tutors who not only know their subjects but love teaching them.
  • English Tutors studying English Literature, Science Tutors studying to be doctors, Maths Tutors studying advanced mathematics, Legal Studies Tutors studying to be lawyers… The list goes on.
  • All have achieved 90+ ATAR’s and have gone on to study or work in their chosen fields.
  • Our Online Tutoring staff are the same staff members we use in our Five Dock centre.
  • Incredible personalities and great knowledge in their chosen subjects.
  • No Robot tutors teaching content by rote, our students walk away with real knowledge, not memorised answers.
  • All tutors are committed to helping your child love learning not just survive school.

Success in life, Not just School

Whatever your motivation for exploring our Online tutoring it can help your child keep up, catch up or get ahead in class. School is a lot more competitive nowadays and more often than not an extra bit of tutoring will help. If we don’t feel your child will benefit from tutoring or feel alternate avenues should be explored we will be upfront and tell you.

The lessons we learn at school have long term effects. Organisation, critical thinking, creative flair, time management and the discipline to finish what we start, are key to success in tertiary study and a future career.  By teaching these concepts at an early age, along with memory techniques and tools to manage stress and anxiety, we are setting our children up to achieve the best they can. School is not the end of learning, and if we get the foundations right for our students we can bring back the love of learning, and inspire our next generation of leaders.

Online Tutoring Subjects

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