Year 4 Primary Music Classes

Wednesday & Saturday

Class Duration
60 minutes

Class Types
Individual or small group

What we do at Brainfood Education

We offer beginner classes in both piano and singing for students in years 3, 4, 5 & 6 in our specialist music room. These classes run for between 45 and 60 mins.

The classes focus on

  • Warmups (scales) – to improve with pitching, technique and tone.
  • Practice songs – to allow students to learn on teh spot

Each students will select either a song or a piece of music to work on for approximately 4 weeks at a time.

This allows us to keep the lessons fun and engaging, while learning a variety of techniques.

BrainFOOD Promo

A flexible approach to learning

  • Deliver structured and tailored tutorials focussed on individual learning, either via small group or private lessons
  • Refine study skills and memorisation techniques
  • Ensure foundations are set by bridging the gaps in schoolwork
  • Focus on resilience, responsibility and being proactive to achieve academic results
  • Opt to work with a tutor of choice and develop a mentor relationship
  • Too intimidated to ask questions at school? Work in one of our group tutorials for encouragement, academic guidance and positive peer interactions
  • Cant commit to a weekly booking? Join our homework club and use us as you need us in the lead up to exams and assessment due dates.
  • Exam anxiety? We’ve seen many excellent students freeze in front of an exam. Our classes include learning techniques to manage anxiety to take back control of exams.
  • Low motivation at school? Sometimes it’s as simple as connecting the right tutor with a student and everything starts to make sense. Other times we understand the need for professional intervention. Every student is unique and we like to think we can come up with a unique solution to suit your needs.